A pure water with unique benefits

Castéra thermal springwater is in all the products of the Castéra range because it brings lots of benefits for the body. Drawn from the middle of the Midi-Pyrénées, its unique composition, balanced in salt mineral and trace element provide amazing therapeutic properties.

It is highly concentrated with sulphates, which give smoothing benefits scientifically known. This water is also reputed for its anti-inflammatory action thanks to its ionic composition, which acts on the skin nerve receptor. This limit, the transmission of the inflammatory message, reducing the itching sensation. Then, this springwater is known for its antioxidant properties thanks to lots of scientific research.

For now, drawn at 64m deep, the spring water at 22°C.

Thanks to a unique patented process, the thermal springwater is used on the Castéra range at a basic Ph. The water doesn’t harm the cutaneous flora but helps to fight skin acidity which creates bacteria development. This thermal springwater limits twinge sensations joined because of the skin imbalance. This is very important for a baby because of the neutral skin pH.

A water known for 200 years

Since immemorial time, people from Castéra Verduzan village were use to take bath on the source to get benefits from its smoothing properties. In 1817, the thermal station was born at the same place of the water origin. Today numbers of therapy client from all over the France came here to enjoy the thermal springwater properties.

A water adapted to the sensitive skin

Baby skin requires specific products because it is a very thin skin, direr and more permeable than the adult skin. Cosmetics products with Castéra thermal springwater will help baby skin to get a cutaneous flora polymorph, which can be protected against extern attacks (UV, pollution etc). This water strengthens the skin health and as a first barrier protection for the organism.

Transparency and reliability

The Castéra thermale springwater is directly drawn from the spring to assure its return from its purity on the products. The laboratory makes sure of its stability and efficiency by doing some tests for many years. Every Castéra product is made in France and tested under dermatologically control to assure their safety.

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