Our commitment

Castera gives back to you the benefits of the thermal springwater in a range of cosmetics products pure and natural to preserve the baby’s skin health


The manufacture is located in Castéra-Verduzan. There is a direct connexion between the unit of conditioning and the spring to keep all the richness of the thermal springwater. The transportation to the factory is possible thanks to a steel stainless umbilical cord 400 m long which protects the water from pollution. The building was built to limit energy losses.


To preserve the environment Castéra uses packaging which are recycled or recyclable. Useless packaging are forbidden to preserve forests.


All the Castéra products are made in France, in Gers. In every step of the production, we request a local collaboration, guarantor of a unique skill, heritage of our area.


The company is located in France, Castéra is against offshoring, we want to create French employment.

The company privileges the insertion of disabled person, collaborating with ESAT for some assignment.


Castéra has engaged itself to create products with high quality to allow a secured use.

All the Castéra products are made following lots of rules in order to guarantee the safety of products. The company is also certified ISO 22716/2007, specialized in cosmetic manufacturing good practices.

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